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Create powerful chat bots that augment support, improve customer experience and drive new revenue inside WhatsApp. In minutes. Without coding.

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Start in seconds. Build in minutes.

Keep every conversation together in one shared inbox—it's a clean, intuitive and scalable space.Managers can assign conversations to specific team members to create ownership and transparency. Move your WhatsApp from “all over the place” to “all in one place.”
80% of messages are read within 5 minutes. Convert that attention into sales.
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Practically 90% of deals are closed on WhatsApp thanks to Rasayel

Arsen Nurmagomedov

Reduce the load on your support agents

Put your bots to work 24-7 and virtually eliminate repetitive support tasks.

They can automatically resolve requests like shipping updates and FAQs—and loop in human agents when necessary.

Your agents can focus on high-priority problems and sensitive cases—with more energy in the tank to deliver great work.

Use chatbots to direct the customer journey

By adding CTAs to bot replies, you can guide contacts towards desired actions. For example: 

* Get help from relevant agent
* Visit self-serve documentation
* Browse a relevant catalog
* Purchase a specific product

Use advanced triggers and webhooks to create powerful automations and personalized interactions for your contacts. 
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The most valuable benefit is how much we can automate

Saad ElMobarak
CTO - Qoyod

Drive revenue by selling inside WhatsApp

Jumping between apps visibly hurts conversions. 
Generate more sales by bringing the commerce experience inside WhatsApp. Allow contacts to: 

* Search catalogs
* Apply coupon codes
* Make direct bookings 
* Checkout inside WhatsApp
* See product recommendations

Your bots can manage this experience and unlock new revenue streams on autopilot.
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Need more firepower? Use your favorite tools inside Rasayel

Rasayel integrates easily with your tech stack. Use APIs, webhooks and Zapier to build the perfect workflow for your teams
and automate routine tasks—there are no limits. Make communicating on WhatsApp faster, easier and more effective than before.

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After we hired our third sales rep, assigning leads and internal communication started to fail. I realised that we need a solution to manage and track leads incoming and sales reps. Rasayel helped us manage and track our sales from one app! Great mobile app, great product, and a great support team!

Arsen Nurmagomedov

In the LATAM market nowadays, a product like Rasayel is fundamental, practically 90% of deals are closed on WhatsApp thanks to the Rasayel platform.

Enrique Alvarez

We started using Rasayel for supervision & quality assurance over our sales team's WhatsApp conversations with customers. Its automation & integration capabilities via API/Webhooks/Zapier have opened up unlimited possibilities for us, and we're just getting started!

Saad ElMobarak