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Rasayel makes supporting and selling over WhatsApp easy - our team inbox, workflows, campaigns and chatbots streamline conversations and provide key metrics to measure success.

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Shared team inbox

Sick of constantly dropping customer conversations and losing sales?

With Rasayel, you can now manage all your WhatsApp conversations in one place - quickly, easily and without ever losing a customer. Onboard teams in minutes and keep customers happy with a fast and efficient team inbox. Get your WhatsApp customer conversations in one place - with Rasayel.

Work Together Seamlessly
Collaborate easily and assign conversations, write notes, and mention colleagues for a streamlined workflow.
Take Control of Speed
Use shortcuts, automations, and other time-saving features to streamline your workflow and get things done faster.
Roles and Permissions
Assign roles and restrict agent visibility to specific channels, features and tasks to ensure the security of your workflow.
Powerful automations
Create powerful workflows with saved replies, automatic replies, inbox rules, API and webhook give you full flexibility.
WhatsApp Native Features
Leverage all the features of WhatsApp in your messaging, including voice messages, attachments, buttons, lists, interactive messages, headers, templates, gifs, reactions, and more.
Stay Informed
Get alerted when something goes wrong, understand WhatsApp quality ratings, and monitor message limits and channel disconnections.


Rasayel offers an easy solution to make every customer interaction faster and more efficient, with its simple yet powerful drag-and-drop builder to create custom flows, buttons, links, actions and on-brand messages—all while effectively qualifying leads with zero effort from your team, and instantly connecting customers to the most relevant team member.

Easy to use flow builder
Make use of our excellent UX flow builder to quickly and easily create powerful chatbots. Simple yet very powerful under the hood.
Advanced Triggers
Trigger your chatbot based on customer data attributes, specific keywords, and more.
Actions that fit your workflow
Automatically perform actions such as closing the conversation, connecting to an agent, tagging the conversation, and more.
WhatsApp lists and buttons
Leverage WhatsApp lists for up to 10 buttons, with sections and descriptions, ideal for listing your products or store locations.
WhatsApp Native Features
Leverage all the features of WhatsApp in your messaging, including voice messages, attachments, buttons, lists, interactive messages, headers, templates, gifs, reactions, and more.
Flexible flow builder
Create conditions, link to menus, and use our flexible flow builder to create bot flows tailored to your needs.


Rasayel provides instant clarity on individual and team performance with key metrics like total conversations opened and closed, first response time, resolution time and more, all presented in powerful visual reports. Further specify dates, agents, channels and tags for deeper analysis, or talk to our team to track specific KPIs.

The information you need in seconds
Get a clear overview of your key metrics in seconds, so you know how you perform.
Zoom in when you need
Zoom in and access a more detailed view of the charts that interest you.
Advanced filters
Filter per tags, channels, agents and time to get the answers to your key questions.
Team and agents performances
See how well your agent and team do at managing customers with metrics such as response time, conversation per agents, and more.


WhatsApp Marketing is the Future. Your customers are on WhatsApp and you want to gain their attention. It is the perfect platform to reach out to your customers and get better engagement. Rasayel makes it easy for you to do just that with Campaigns.

Segment your audience
Filter on multiple dimensions such as tags and data attributes to target the right audience efficiently.
Template builder
Create messages quickly with our simple template builder and add buttons, media and text variables so your message resonate with your customers!
Clear overview
Have a clear overview of your campaigns once you hit the "publish" button.
Detailed Results
Get detailed insights into who approved, blocked, or saw your message.

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After we hired our third sales rep, assigning leads and internal communication started to fail. I realised that we need a solution to manage and track leads incoming and sales reps. Rasayel helped us manage and track our sales from one app! Great mobile app, great product, and a great support team!

Arsen Nurmagomedov

In the LATAM market nowadays, a product like Rasayel is fundamental, practically 90% of deals are closed on WhatsApp thanks to the Rasayel platform.

Enrique Alvarez

We started using Rasayel for supervision & quality assurance over our sales team's WhatsApp conversations with customers. Its automation & integration capabilities via API/Webhooks/Zapier have opened up unlimited possibilities for us, and we're just getting started!

Saad ElMobarak