Modern eCommerce businesses
require a modern helpdesk

Serve your customers better with the Rasayel platform

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Built with guidance from eCommerce
business owners, Rasayel helps your team deliver
exceptional customer support

Emails (IMAP/SMTP)
Twitter Direct Messages
SMS (Twilio)
Facebook & Instagram
WhatsApp (Telnyx)
WhatsApp (360dialog)
WhatsApp (Twilio)
WhatsApp (Messagebird)
WhatsApp Cloud API
Viber Business Messages
Google Business Messages

Deep Shopify integration

Order history

Access your customer's order history without leaving Rasayel, so you can focus on what matters - the person you're talking to on the other end of the line.

Create new orders

No more switching tabs or tools. You can create a new order in a few clicks, directly from your Rasayel inbox.

Refund orders

Need to refund an order? No problem; you can do it in a matter of seconds, without taking your eye off the conversation you're having with the customer.

Not on Shopify? More platforms coming soon!

We are building support for more eCommerce platforms in the coming months. What’s yours? Let us know!
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Focus on building meaningful

Centralise your process, contact and team in one place so you can focus on what really matters. Building relationship.
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An API that gives you the full power of Rasayel

Omnichannel API
unified, channel-agnostic, inbox-first API
using GraphQL
The entire customer journey from one place
Illustrating the context you gain on your customer

And for the techies,
an API that gives you Rasayel’s power

Want to make more of Rasayel? Rasayl's API allows you to build solutions that fit your needs thanks to our modern, unified, channel-agnostic and inbox-first API.
Omnichannel API
Modern & Up to date

Focus on your business.
Let Rasayel manage the chaos

Your customers, and your team, will thank you for it